What does it mean to be a man—not just legally, but ethically, morally, emotionally, and spiritually? How does a young person today come of age in our fast-paced, info-overloaded, materialistic, and highly technical American culture? And most important, what role do adults play in helping boys assume the mantle of manhood?



The Elliott-Chandler Foundation seeks to provide critical assistance and support to young men who are demonstrating a desire to excel in the area of academics and pursue a degree from a higher learning institution with ultimate hopes of becoming a leader of tomorrow.

The Elliott-Chandler Foundation, Inc. strives to achieve this through two paths:

1) Financial assistance through scholarships

2) Support through a mentoring program. Truly, financial assistance is paramount in this endeavor, but without the solid foundation of mentorship and guidance, positive change and effectual vision cannot take place.

The Elliott-Chandler Foundation is committed to: 
developing a society of educated young men prepared to be future leaders in various areas of expertise;
enhancing moral and ethical values of young men though mentoring; and
providing financial assistance to young men interested in becoming successful college graduates.


ECF: Our Story

ECF founders, Ronald and Regina Jackson share the journey on founding the Elliott Chandler foundation, their vision, and the mission they set out to achieve!



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Graduation season is always a special time, but one Houston area family is making the day unique for students at one local school.


ECF Honors Mickey Leland Prep School

ECF Honors HISD'S Mickey Leland College Preparatory Academy For Young Men awarding Scholarships to Inaugural Graduating Class

Your donation makes a difference. Every dollar you provide to the Elliott-Chandler Foundation goes towards programs and services that assist those in need. The money raised is central to supporting our mission. Together, we can educate our children.

2023 Scholarship

The application period for 2023 is now closed.

Past Scholarship Recipients

The ECF Scholarship has given me that extra push to keep going knowing that people believe in me...-Ryan Hagan, 09 Scholarship Recipient


Founded in 2008


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